Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery Center
Advanced Othopaedic Specialists
Sports Medicine
Sports medicine is the study and practice of medical
principles related to the science of sports, particularly in the
areas of:
• Sports Injury Diagnosis and Treatment
• Sports Injury Prevention
• Sports Training and Athletic Performance, including:
• Exercises and Workouts
• Sports Nutrition
• Sports Psychology

A sports medicine specialist is an individual with specialized
education and training who focuses on the medical and
therapeutic aspects of sports participation and physical

Drs Herron have specialized training in the field in medicine
that deals with sport or exercise-related injuries. Their primary
focus is on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries
that occur during sports and other physical activity.

An orthopedic surgery residency leads to a career as an
orthopedic surgeon, many of who treat athletes.  Sports
medicine physicians receives special training during their
residency program, such as orthopaedic surgery, during a
fellowship program in sports medicine and during their
medical practice.